STIR Chattanooga


Bartending is an art— or at least we think so— and for us, a well-made drink starts with its ice.

Artisanal ice can make all the difference between a mediocre drink and a craft cocktail. We offer eight unique styles, including ice made and hand-cut in-restaurant by STIR’s permanent ice chef from a massive ice block. Frozen from the inside out using purified water, STIR’s artisan ice melts at a slower pace so your drinks stay colder and stronger for longer. Say goodbye to diluted and lukewarm drinks, and hello to cocktails done right. But the ice is only the start. With a selection of more than 350 spirits in-house— along with a wide assortment of fresh-pressed juices, local herbs, fresh fruits, bitters and syrups— we want to make sure each sip is as good as the first. Our ever-changing drink menu features an imaginative batch of original craft cocktails— rounded out by STIR’s hand-picked beer and wine selection. Cocktails 1
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